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(and other plants and flowers around)


looking-up-at-palm-on-stran.jpg (113877 bytes)


orange-flowers.jpg (124884 bytes)

cool orange flower trees

orangypinkyellow-plumeria.jpg (77651 bytes)


palmetum-09.jpg (70928 bytes)

fan palm

palmetum-13.jpg (119099 bytes)


palmetum-18.jpg (47939 bytes)

giant flower with ants on it

palmetum-32.jpg (93028 bytes)

these look painted

palmetum-sign.jpg (58416 bytes)

townsville palmetum sign...tons of palms and other plants, pretty cool

pink-flowers.jpg (108297 bytes)

pink flowers

palm-by-gas-station.jpg (97289 bytes)

diff palm

palmetum-01.jpg (65776 bytes)

more palms

white-flower-with-crazy-pin.jpg (72062 bytes)

cool flower

pink-flower-with-white-thin.jpg (60319 bytes)

papery looking flowers

pinkish-red-clump-of-flower.jpg (45596 bytes)

bunch of pinkish flowers

pink-plumeria-tree-in-front.jpg (105079 bytes)

plumeria tree

plumeria01.jpg (43922 bytes)


plumeria02.jpg (39900 bytes)


plumeria03.jpg (63282 bytes)

i love this pic

plumeria04.jpg (48753 bytes)

plumeria comes in so many colours!

plumeria05.jpg (46095 bytes)

and it smells so good!

plumeria06.jpg (51608 bytes)


plumeria-flowers-close.jpg (51531 bytes)

i love this pic too

pretty-flowering-trees-on-c.jpg (107037 bytes)

pretty blooming trees on campus

big-flower.jpg (74089 bytes)

huge flower

prickly-palm.jpg (110610 bytes)

scary palm

spiraling-plant.jpg (94880 bytes)

spiraling plant

cool-trees.jpg (91564 bytes)


nice-palm.jpg (112255 bytes)

this palm amazed me every time by its hugeness

cool-palm-up.jpg (138175 bytes)

looking up at was on the walk from the bus stop to the beach


Fan palm background, lightened to read text more easily.

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